Veterans Upward Bound is a United States
Department of Education TRiO Program
dedicated to helping Veterans of the U.S.
Military take full advantage of the
educational opportunities available to them.
VUB provides services and materials (at no
cost to program participants) for the
purpose of facilitating enrollment into and
successful completion of studies at
institutions of higher learning.

Veterans throughout West Virginia have
received services from our Veterans
Upward Bound program since 1990. Former
VUB participants have earned degrees from
colleges and universities in West Virginia
and other states.

Our Mission: To assist and support eligible
military veterans in their quests for higher education.
"VUB guidance and refresher classes helped me in my quest to attain a college degree. I got out of the Army in 2006 well before the new GI Bill was around. I didn't know that I was entitled to The Post 911 GI Bill until my VUB advisor made me aware. I am now attending college full time."

Vickie T.

VUB Seal